Getting There

Hi! My name is Emma. I'm studying animation. (✪㉨✪)
inspiration blog:

Okay, so I sat on the last bug image that I posted, and when I came back to I realized how awful it was. So, I think this one is better now!
Something I did for my aunt. 

Here’s some sustained work~

All are about an hour or an hour and half, except for the portrait, which was 20 minutes I think

Figure drawing. FIGURE DRAWING. I can think of no better way to get better at design, observation, or plain ‘ol drawing.

Get yourself to a figure drawing class. Do it. 

These are all 5 min gestures. I’ll post my more sustained work later. 

Lego man… woman.
First drawing to break in the new moleskine!
Layout assignment….. I need to learn about lighting. haha
Well, thanks y’all for the suggestions. All…. one of you. Hahahah
Sorry cat woman is suuuper late! My animation classes started and all I’ve been doing is drawing for that class. @_@