Getting There

Hi! My name is Emma. I'm applying for art school. (✪㉨✪)
inspiration blog:

Well, guys, it’s time! I’m off to serve my mission for the LDS church in Thailand! Follow me on my blog: I might even get to post some sketches that i doodle in my spare time.

Love ya, and I’ll be back in a year and a half. <3

Okay, so I sat on the last bug image that I posted, and when I came back to I realized how awful it was. So, I think this one is better, but I&#8217;ll probably realize this is junk too in a couple weeks. Arrgghhhhh
This is the edited version of my final project in my 3d modeling class. I fixed the things that my professor didn&#8217;t like. Hopefully he thinks this one is better. :I
Something I did for my aunt. 
WHY HELLO FOLLOWERS. Long time no post. I took a hiatus from tumblr, cause I had a lot going on and I wanted to straighten out my priorities. I&#8217;m back with big news, though!
In June I&#8217;ll be moving to Thailand for 18 months! I&#8217;ll be serving a mission for my church, and I&#8217;m soooOOooo excited! I&#8217;ll have a blog that I&#8217;ll link to here, hopefully I&#8217;ll get to post some of my sketchbook adventures if I find the time.
Anywayyyyyyyy Here is a thumbnail for a commission I&#8217;m doing for a family member. I&#8217;m going to open commissions soon, people! They&#8217;re gonna be purrty cheap. I need the cash. hahaha 
Thanks for sticking with me, errybody! Mwa~

Here’s some sustained work~

All are about an hour or an hour and half, except for the portrait, which was 20 minutes I think

Figure drawing. FIGURE DRAWING. I can think of no better way to get better at design, observation, or plain ‘ol drawing.

Get yourself to a figure drawing class. Do it. 

These are all 5 min gestures. I’ll post my more sustained work later. 

Been living in the animation lab for about 3 weeks, now&#8230; Somehow ended up volunteering to work on the Senior film. LIVIN&#8217; THE LIFE, PEOPLE.
That sounds sarcastic, but no, it&#8217;s actually really amazing. This is as close to what it&#8217;s actually like working in a full-blown studio. Pixar is here right now mentoring the Seniors and it&#8217;s flippin&#8217; unreal.
Keep it cool, peeps! Hopefully soon I can actually start posting real art. C:

Doing Some House Cleaning…. and Commissions?

Hey guys, first off I want to say hi to the new followers. ‘Sup.

Next, I’ve been thinking about going through my tumblr and taking out the less-than desirable pieces I’ve posted. I got in the habit of posting anything that came out of my right hand, whether it was really ever that good or not.

SO if any of you have a certain piece that you’d like to stay up, give me a shout out.

Also- I’ve been thinking of starting commissions. Thoughts?